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The red planet Mars

in literature

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There are more than 100 fiction books (to say nothing of the vast amount of short stories) that are set on / deal with the planet Mars in some way or another. This is a LJ group for discussing the different incarnations the planet Mars has had in books and short storys.

a martian oddessey, a princess of mars, a. bertram chandler, aelita, alexei tolstoy, arthur c. clarke, ben bova, born under mars, brackett, bradbury, brunner, burroughs, c.s.lewis, chandler, clarke, crescent in the sky, damon knight, david starr, desolation road, edgar rice borroughs, edgar rice burroughs, flammarion, frank herbert, frederik pohl, gordon r. dickson, green mars, greg bear, h.g.wells, heinlein, ian mcdonald, isaac asimov, james blish, john benyon, john brunner, john wyndham, kim stanley robinson, kurd lasswitz, lasswitz, leigh, leigh brackett, lester del rey, loophole, maid of mars, man plus, mars, mars plus, martian time slip, michael moorcock, mining the oort, moorcock, moving mars, palmer eldritch, people of the talisman, pesek, philip jose farmer, phillip k. dick, planet plane, podkayne of mars, police your planet, ray bradbury, red mars, red planet, robert a. heinlein, space ranger, stanley weinbaum, the bitter pill, the book of mars, the earth men, the far call, the greening of mars, the martian chronicles, the sands of mars, the secret of sinharat, the sword of rhiannon, the third expedition, thuvia, two planets, uranie, usher ii, war of the worlds, warlord of mars, warriors of mars, welcome to mars, ylla